IMA Reader's Clique - Difficulty of Being Good


06:15 PM

IMA Meeting Room, Jall Sabhagrah, Indore

Most of us spend our lives wrestling with day-to-day questions of right and wrong and these are either unanswered or have no easy answer. This book turns to the Sanskrit epic, Mahabharata, in order to answer the question, ‘why be good?’ and it discovers that the epic’s world of moral haziness and uncertainty is closer to our experience as ordinary human beings rather than the narrow and rigid positions.


The Mahabharata is obsessed with the elusive notion of dharma—in essence, doing the right thing. The epic’s characters are flawed; they stumble. But their incoherent experiences throw light on our day to day emotions of envy, revenge, remorse, status anxiety, compassion, courage, duty and other moral qualities.

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IMA Reader's Clique - Difficulty of Being Good

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